20. June

Room Melk

09.00 Comprehensive hearing implant workshop

09.00 Live Surgeries

13.30 History and Present of the Danube Region

15.00 Industry Symposium MED-EL & Cochlear

17.00 Official Opening Ceremony


21. June

Final Programme

21. JUNE

Room Melk
Room Göttweig
Room Dürnstein

08.45  Otology I - Hearing Implants Update 2018
Ten years experience with the esteem fully-implantable middle ear device
Postoperative impedance change of CI
Cochlear implantation in Republic of Moldova - the past, achievements, challenges

10.30 Oncology I - Reconstructive Surgery in ENT
Rectus abdominis myocutaneous flaps in orbitomaxillary reconstruction
Our experience with radialis Flaps

12.00 Neurootology II - Tinnitus
Tinnitus update 2018

14.00 Oncology II - Neck dissection
Complications in H&N surgery, Step by Step introduction to neck dissection

15.45 Sinus & Nose - FESS
How I do it: Frontal recess dissection with bulls intact technique
Simplified Algorithm for Navigated Endoscopic Sinus Surgery (NESS)

08.45 Rhinology I - Septorhinoplasty (Pearls & Pitfalls)
External Rhinoplasty 

10.30 Rhinology II - Nasal Tumors
Sinonasal tumors – an update on diagnostic and surgical techniques

12.00 Tonsillectomy Update 2018
Review of malpractice cases after tonsil surgery
Tonsillectomy Update 2018

14.00 Allergy in ENT - Angioedema 
Bradykinin-mediated Angioedema of the Larynx and Pharynx
Update of Non-Allergic Rhinitis

15.45 Imaging in ENT
Temporal bone imaging in hearing implant patients using digital volume tomography

08.45 Pediatrics in ENT - From infections to hearing loss
Hearing loss by children: diagnosis and therapie
Vestibular and Balance Rehabilitation Protocol
Pediatric Rhinosinusitis - the new concepts for treatment
Cochlear implantation in children with single sided deafness and normal hearing on the contralateral side – our experience 
Very early activation after Cochlear Implantation – our experiences in 20 cases of children 

10.30 Neurootology I - Vertigo
Vertigo update 2018
Vestibular Migraine

12.00 Facial plastic surgery
Surgical Otoplastic. Atoptasis by newborn
Microtia or Congenital aural Atresia: from prevalence to the the comprehensive solution 

14.00 Skull base surgery - Basic to advanced
The neurosurgical perspective of an interdisciplinary challenge
Subtotal petrosectomy
Surgery of Anterior Skull Base Lesions in Children

15.45 Otology II - Otosclerosis
VSB in Otosclerosis
Comparison of different coupling techniques of an active middle ear implant to the long incus process with special regards for coupling efficacy, fixation quality and clinical outcome

22. June

Final Programme

22. JUNE

Room Melk
Room Göttweig
Room Dürnstein

09.00 Otology III - SCC Dehiscence,Otosclerosis
Cochlear implants for elderly adults: restoring more than hearing

11.00 Otology IV - Cholesteatoma treatment

12.30 Lunch Symposium sponsored by Medtronic

13.45 Otology V - Choosing the right implant  
Vibrant Soundbrige - different possibilities in middle ear implants

15.45 Otology VI - Hearing in elderly age 
SSD consensus protocol o the approch of unilateral deafness, SCD syndrome treatment and mangement

09.00 Danube Junior doctors meeting

11.00 Salivatory glands
New aspects in the treatment of salivary gland diseases
Rare diseases of the parotid glands
Value of FNAB in diagnosis of the parotid gland tumors

12.30 Lunch Symposium sponsored by Medtronic

13.45 Skin Tumors in ENT

15.45 Danube society business meeting 

09.00 OSAS - Rehab. after H&N cancer: a comparison
News in diagnosis and treatment of snoring and sleep apnea
Swallowing disorders after head and neck cancer treatment
Voice change after irradiation therapy for early glottic cancer

11.00 Oncology III - HPV in SCC
Early glottis cancer – an update on diagnostic and surgical techniques
Rising aspects of immunotherapy in head neck cancer
Robotics in ENT surgery – friction or fiction?
CO2 laser cordectomy in T1, T2 cancer of the vocal cord. Five years results
Diagnoses and treatment of cervical nodes in the area of HPV

12.30 Lunch Symposium sponsored by Medtronic

13.45 Phoniatry I
Invasive laryngeal interventions in local anesthesia
Biomaterials used in the vocal folds healing
The Role of Gastroesophageal Reflux in the Laryngeal Papillomatosis
Benefit of the early transient vocal fold augmentation with hyaluronic acid at acute vocal fold paresis – what does the phoniatrician need to know for effective indication

15.45 Rhinology III - Polyposis n. conser. treatment options
Non-allergic Rhinitis:What We Really Know?
Triggering receptor expressed on myeloid cells 1 and 2 in maxillary sinus lavage in patients with chronic sinusitis

23. June

23. JUNE

UK St. Pölten

Full Day - Clinical Visit

The 14th ENT Danube Symposium has been granted for 32 DFP credits by the Austrian Medical Chamber for our participants.

CME Accreditation is under review - 20 Points are expected.

Social Programme


International Interdisciplinary Social Program
Lower Austria Opening Ceremony


International Olfactometry and Gustometry Meeting
from 19:00 o'clock Midsummer Lounge at Stift Göttweig 


Networking Dinner
at Kloster UND